Psychological Hacks To Public Speaking

speaker-at-business-conference-and-presentationMost vibrant, whip-smart professionals find it easy to make it through their daily corporate life. However, when it is time for a presentation, they often find themselves locked up, presenting in a way that is difficult to watch.

If you fall into the same category, you could use some help. Here are a few psychological hacks to public speaking that will allow you to deliver presentations that leave the impact:

We Read People Instantly

As soon as you step up on the stage or the front of the conference room, the audience is going to start sizing you up.

A confident body language and researched introduction can help you start on the right foot.

They subconsciously start taking your lead through the presentation and stay attentive throughout.

We Are Wired To Follow Leaders

When you are presenting, you have all the authority in the room. Therefore, the decisions you make next are vital so that you don’t lose their attention.

It is important that you stay in form from the start and take lead. Read about the 1960’s Stanley Milgram’s experiments that showed how it is almost impossible for people to oppose authority.

We Are Attentive To Vocal Tone

How you say something is as important as what you say. The greatest speakers across history have used this technique throughout history with variations in their volumes, articulation and modulation.

Professor Alex Pentland from MIT also wrote a book, Honest Signals in which he emphasized on the importance of using vocal tone to communicate effectively.

We Imitate Emotions

Passion and nervousness are two highly communicable emotions. Focus on what you would like people to feel during your presentation and then exhibit the emotion yourself. The emotions will be conveyed through your body language and vocal tone. There are special Mirror Neurons in our brains that allow us to literally experience what other people experience.

One last thing; reading slides never worked for everyone. Your audience is going to be more strongly affected by your words. There should be enough visuals to support your words but not so many that they interfere.

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Entrepreneurial Stress Is A Real Thing—Here’s How You Handle It

pexels-photoEntrepreneurs handle a good deal of stress on a day to day basis. Whether you are starting out or have already taken your startup to level 2, you are still bound to encounter obstacles where you just can’t handle all that’s on your plate.

Stress is a real thing that not many people mention when talking about entrepreneurship. If you are wondering how to handle all this stress, these tips from leading business consultant and hypnotist, Marshall Sylver will help:

It Is Okay To Invest In Help

As an entrepreneur, you are passionate about your vision and know that you can achieve it. However, this can often lead you to think you can do everything by yourself.

This makes it critical to look for help in the earlier stage of your business. If you can’t really hire fulltime employees, consider outsourcing different functions of your business.

If your business runs 24/7, you can also invest in a VA to answer the phone and take care of administrative tasks. You will be at peace knowing that while you are doing your part, you have professionals to take care of the rest.

Don’t Always Go For Cheap

One of the most important advice for entrepreneurs is to not go with cheap every time. As soon as you officially start your business, invest in a recognized attorney.

Going into legal contracts and partnerships without one could end up costing you thousands of dollars. You never know what kind of issues might come your way. Remember, if you haven’t protected your business enough you might lose a lot of it down the line.

Say No To Family Money

It is quite common for entrepreneurs to ask family members to fund their business. This is going to add to a lot of stress down the line. It is stressful enough to start up a business, you don’t want to end up leaving a family member in financial ruins because of it.

There are plenty of ways to finance your business. Apply through your bank or a credit union and return it with ease.

While entrepreneurs can work 24/7, it is highly impractical. Make sure that you have enough personal time by setting boundaries.

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